Use of Aloe Vera gels for acne and treatment of acne scars

Acne occurs because there may be excess oil in the pores or presence of dead skin cells in the skin. It may also occur due to some internal problem. It is very necessary to get yourself clean from inside as well as outside to prevent pimples or acne on your face. Aloe vera gel is considered as a most effective remedy for the treatment of acne. It has many benefits such as treats sunburn, wounds, cuts, and scars including acne treatment. It is a plant of cactus species that contains thick mesh that can be used directly on the face to solve skin problems. But you should use it carefully, keeping certain things in mind so as to prevent its harmful effects on the skin.

Use of aloe vera gel for acne

Aloe vera gel can be used externally by applying it on the skin as well as internally by drinking juice. It not only treats acne but also further prevents its reoccurrence in future. You can drink aloe vera daily to remove your impurities. It is also said that aloe vera is good for treating diabetes too. It removes excess oil from skin pores and leaves the skin hydrated. However, excessive use may cause dryness if the right amount of moisturizer necessary for your skin is not used along with it.

How to use it

You can use fresh aloe vera plant and squeeze the gel out of it. You can use this gel directly on your face or you can prepare a juice from it. You can even buy the juice from the market. Another way is you can prepare some mask by mixing it with water, honey, or lemon and apply it on your face. Always ensure that you are using it with moisturizer so as to prevent dryness and flaking of skin.
aloe vera drink benefits
Precautions took while using Aloe vera

  • If you are allergic to garlic, onion, tulips or any other plant of a similar kind, you should not consume aloe vera gel for acne as it may have bad side effects. There is a possibility that you will get allergic to aloe vera too.
  • The excess consumption of aloe vera i.e. more than one year can cause colorectal cancer. So you should make it ensure that it is not overconsumed by your body.
  • If you are using some aloe vera product by purchasing it from the market, make sure that you have read the instructions of the manufacturer carefully before applying it. You can use it either before or after cleansing the skin.

It is suggested that you can treat your acne and pimples without using aloe vera gel. If you will make certain changes to your lifestyle, like focusing on hygiene factors, stop eating junk foods etc. you can easily prevent acne. It will keep a check on your hormonal imbalance too and there will be fewer chances that your skin wi